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Only highly skilled specialists give treatments – the trustworthy doctors with huge experience in quantum therapeutics who got thousands of procedures with excellent results.

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Tattoo – now is not permanently!

Nowadays, thanks to high technology and its application in aesthetic medicine it is possible to remove tattoo and permanent make-up without any effects (such as scarring of the skin).

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Selective laser skin depigmentation

(Laser tattoo removal ND:YAG Q-switch)

- The process of influence on colouring pigment’s molecules by light pulse with special characteristics, under this influence the pigment is ruined and removed out of the skin without excoriating of the skin and basic membrane thereby without scars and hypopigmentation areas.

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The point of the laser depigmentation process.

Selective photocavitation. During very short period of time (3-6 nanoseconds) energy output happens, this energy is absorbed with colouring molecules and normal cells’ damage doesn’t occur. Such a fast change of thermodynamic state of colouring molecules leads to their destruction. Therewith the conjunctive tissue with pigment is broken down. In fine the fragments of destroyed particles are removed out of skin as a result of natural metabolic processes.

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Q-switched laser MedHiTech

- lasers of ultra-short pulse energy in nanoseconds’(ns) range with wavelength 532-1064 nm. this flash makes it possible to get photo acoustic effect.

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Moreover, our specialists provide trainings how to use new equipments on continuing basis (Laser nd: YAG, ELOS, IPL, RF, E-ligth etc.)

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ELOS technology

It is up-to-date technology of electro-optical synergy (joint actions). ELOS - ELectrical Optical Synergy.

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ELOS терапия

Under the influence of ELOS energy (IPL+RF) upon hair follicle it is possible to stop it to function – stopping growth of undesirable hairs without injury of surrounding tissues. The following should be mentioned, in this noninvasive method there is no injuries to the integrity of cutaneous covering and all functions of dermis are preserved including very important – protective. Today, ELOS technology is considered the most effective, nontraumatic and progressive method of epilation.

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